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Plant Health Care in Media, PA

Plant health care has become an important topic for arborists and tree service companies around Media, PA. Plant Health Care (PHC) programs emerged as a method of providing a holistic approach to tree and plant health. These programs provide ongoing monitoring of trees and shrubs to ensure appropriate care is given to healthy plants and to treat problems early.

Tree and Plant Health Problems in Media

We take the health of trees for granted and often overlook the many dangers to their health and appearance in Media, PA.

Emerald Ash Borer 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an insect that attacks ash trees and has been a challenge in the Media, PA area. The beetle, imported from Asia, feeds on ash trees, causing the trees to die.

Lightning and Storm Damage 

When lightning strikes, all or part of a tree can be killed. Winds from storms cause branches or entire trees to fall. Storms are a significant threat to trees that are already damaged.

Lack of Nutrients

Our yards require augmentation to provide the sort of nutrients found in natural habitats. Few of us are aware of the needs of our trees and shrubs.

Our certified arborists can spot problems before they cause damage to trees and shrubs. With a regular plant health services program, the arborist will help you maintain healthy trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard.

What Will a PHC Program Cost?

A PHC program is customized for the needs of a particular landscape, and therefore each one is unique. When someone is concerned about a tree or plant they call us, and we visit to evaluate the problem, usually at no cost. If necessary, we form a plan of action. Many times we suggest soil supplements (fertilizers), and chemical injections if needed.

Call Stein Tree Service for your Plant Health Needs in Media, PA

 At Stein we have always been more than a tree pruning and removal service. We put trees and customers FIRST! Our certified arborist at Stein Tree will suggest options for Plant Health Care to fit your needs and those of your landscape. Call today for a free consultation.



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