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Plant Health Care in Wilmington, DE

Have you considered investing in plant health for your Wilmington, Delaware home? Trees and shrubs can suffer from inadequate maintenance, resulting in a poor appearance, as well as making them less vigorous and more susceptible to disease or foul weather. Just like any part of your home, trees and shrubbery require maintenance to keep them at their best for many years.

In the Wilmington area, a Certified Arborist with Stein Tree Service can help ensure your trees and shrubs remain strong assets to your property. Stein arborists have earned credentials from the International Society of Arboriculture, which requires extensive training in all areas of tree trimming and tree care.

Plant Health Care Services

Stein Tree Service takes a holistic approach to plant health care services including the following:

Crown Raising

This process addresses the lower part of the tree, and can improve the view and clearance by removing lower hanging branches and limbs. The crown is “raised” because the canopy is higher off the ground.

Crown Cleaning

Also known as deadwooding, this process removes dead, broken, or diseased parts for a healthier tree or shrub. Crown cleaning also creates a more pleasing appearance.

Crown Thinning

Though rarely noticed, the higher parts of trees can benefit from thinning healthy limbs to improve sunlight penetration and air passage.

Structural pruning

All plants need periodic pruning for proper spacing and orientation. More important, structural pruning supports healthy growth and overall appearance.

Reduction pruning

Healthy trees and shrubs require regular attention, including removing live plant parts, to keep them at their proper size in relation to their surroundings.

These tasks, if performed regularly and at the direction of a certified arborist, will provide strong plant health for years to come. The loss or damage of trees can be costly and dangerous so the best course of action is to invest in proper tree trimming and tree care as a preventive measure.

Call Stein Tree Service for Plant Health Care in Wilmington DE

The professional arborists at Stein Tree Service provide Plant Health Services throughout the Wilmington area. We can help keep your trees and shrubs invigorated and attractive, enhancing their surroundings for many years to come. Contact Stein Tree Service to learn more.



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