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Plant Health Services and Arborists in Newark, DE

Stein Tree Service provides residents in Newark, DE with many plant health services to maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Beautiful landscapes increase the value of a home and also enhance the lives of those who enjoy the yards. Plants and trees need a sustainable landscape to remain healthy and beautiful.

Stein Tree Service and its certified arborists can ensure that your trees and shrubs are a strong asset to your landscape. Stein arborists have earned credentials from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), which requires extensive training in all aspects of tree health, trimming and tree care. We apply this knowledge to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy.

Plant Health Care Services

Stein Tree Service offers Newark, DE plant health assessment and other Plant Health Care (PHC) services. The primary objective of any of our individualized programs is to identify risks, evaluate problems and implement interventions based on the data gathered. Our goal is to ensure optimal health of the plants, shrubs, and trees, so we take a holistic approach. We ensure that any treatments or actions will have no adverse effects on the surrounding landscape. Some of our services are:

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are corrective measures when the tree’s structure is unable to support its weight. Stein Tree Service has a certified arborist who will evaluate your trees before they become dangerous to your property and tree’s health. If the situation demands it, then cabling and bracing is implemented.

Trimming and Pruning

Stein Tree Service professional arborists are experienced in identifying your tree’s need for pruning and trimming. We practice the proper techniques to cut and prune trees and shrubs. Proper tree trimming and pruning enhance plant function, allow proper sunlight to reach other plants, and increase the structural strength of the plant.

Fertilization and Soil Management

A sustainable landscape keeps your plants, shrubs, and trees healthy. We offer fertilization and soil management services to residential, commercial & municipal customers in Newark, DE and surrounding areas.

Tree Removal

One of the most dangerous jobs in arboriculture is tree removal. Due to the hard labor, danger, and impact on the surrounding areas, the tree removal process can create problems for homeowners. Our tree removal crew uses proper safety procedures and provides a thorough cleanup of debris, while striving to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation.

Why Choose Stein Tree Service in Newark DE?

Stein Tree Service has been providing Plant Health Services for more than thirty years. Our certified arborists are knowledgeable about tree diseases and damage, and they know the best ways to assure continued tree and plant health for Newark, DE and beyond! For a free consultation or tree assessment, contact Stein Tree at 610-723-8056 today!




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