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Plant Health Services in Kennett Square, PA

Stein Tree Service helps homeowners in Kennett Square, PA understand the importance of plant health care, the services available, the processes involved and the benefits of Plant Health Care. Our certified arborists are licensed under the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) standards.

The Importance of Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is available in Kennett Square, PA year-round. The goal of our plant health care assessments is the development of sustainable environments for plants and trees. Our plans ensure the safety of the plants and trees through cost-effective practices and treatments guided by the ISA Board. Any plan we recommend is customized for your specific landscape, and may include monitoring and preventive treatment for trees and shrubs.

Call an Arborist when Trees show these Signs and Symptoms

Plant and tree health may be difficult for an ordinary citizen to assess. Most of us are only aware of a problem with our trees if we see the tree slowly deteriorating. Common signs and symptoms of an impending disease may be visible through discolored leaves, early leaf drop, splitting of the bark, or dead branches.

The problem can be minor or complex depending on the underlying causes. When these symptoms arise, call an arborist. Only a professional arborist can diagnose and implement the proper intervention to treat your plant or tree. If the problem has gone undetected for a long time, tree removal may be the only option.

Plant Health Care vs. Tree Health Care

Trees are undeniably the major part of a yard’s landscape and the most costly to replace. However, many other plants share the same resources and are dependent upon each other for their health. The roots of trees, shrubs, turf grass, and bedding plants compete for water and nutrients. Any treatment applied to the lawn (fertilizer and herbicide) can impact the trees and treatments applied to a tree, such as pruning and fertilizing, can affect the health of the turf grass and other shrubs or plants. Because the care of each plant can affect the health of every plant in that landscape, we call the program Plant Health Care.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Plant Health Care in Kennett Square, PA

Certified arborists have experience and training to detect potential tree and plant problems. Stein Tree Service believes in the saying – prevention is better than cure. Our staff prides itself on having state-of-the-art equipment and machinery for right-of-way work. Our experience and strong reputation across Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Kennett Square, speaks for us. Contact us for questions about Plant Health Care services or an appointment.



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