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Tree Pruning is Essential to Good Tree Maintenance and Safety

By Stein Tree
Posted on June 9, 2020

Tree pruning is an important maintenance task for homeowners, for safety as well as aesthetics. Spring 2020 has brought some strong storms in Pennsylvania and Delaware, causing many trees to fall, and some have fallen on homes, cars or other structures. We have received many requests for removal of trees that have fallen during these storms.

How Regular Pruning Can Help Prevent Accidents

Many of these storm-related incidents may have been preventable with regular inspection and pruning. An arborist can determine if risk factors are present and take action to protect your trees, property and physical safety.

Damaged Branches

Branches may become damaged or die without notice by a casual observer, especially if they are high in the tree. These branches are more fragile and subject to falling in strong winds or heavy snows in winter. An arborist performing tree pruning can safely remove those branches and avoid the risk of damage from their falls.

Tree Sickness

Sometimes a tree injury can allow fungus or other disease to find their way into the tree. If left untreated for too long, they undermine the integrity of the tree and make affected branches or the entire tree vulnerable to falling.

Insect Infestation

Insects can infest the tree and get a stronghold before owners are even aware. These insects may damage and weaken the tree to the point that falling is a bigger possibility. For example, the emerald ash borer, a small metallic green beetle, attacks ash trees, leaving larvae that burrow under the bark, eating the substance in the tree that transports nutrients.

The first sign a homeowner notices may be tree canopy dieback. If untreated, small trees can die within 2 years, and large ones within 3-4 years. These weakened trees are more vulnerable to falling in strong storms and should be evaluated by a professional arborist. The insect can easily spread to other local ash trees, so residents should report the issue if an infestation occurs.

Tree Branch Density

Thick tree branches resist air flow, and regular trimming and pruning can help keep the air moving more freely. A certified arborist will perform tree pruning in such a way that the aesthetics are maintained and the tree remains healthy and strong. Making groups of trees less resistant to air flow also makes them less likely to be knocked over in strong wind situations.

Tree Damage Liability

While no one wants tree damage of any kind to occur, financial liability is a big factor for residents to consider when they have trees on their properties. When trees fall into a neighbor’s yard, onto their fences or structures, or worse, onto a person, the homeowner could be held financially responsible if they are found negligent. Having regular tree inspections, tree pruning, and other tree care, and keeping records of the services, can offer some protection in a situation where a tree has caused damage in a fall.

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Stein has been providing exceptional tree care service for residents of Pennsylvania and Delaware for over 35 years. We are passionate about trees and committed to maintaining their health and vitality. We are considered an essential business because tree care helps ensure safety in communities. Contact us today for tree pruning, tree removal, and treatment for insect infestation.




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