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Tree Removal in New Castle, DE

Tree Removal in New Castle, DETrees enhance our lives in many ways: they clean the air, help keep soil in place and add beauty to our landscapes. Sometimes, however, the benefits that trees afford us give way to liabilities due to deteriorating conditions. Trees can be damaged by pests, such as the emerald ash borer, weather, disease, and other causes. When irrevocable damage occurs, tree removal in your New Castle landscape may become necessary.

Tree removal can become necessary for numerous reasons. The most obvious candidates for removal are: dead standing trees, those that have undergone extensive or catastrophic storm damage or those damaged by pests. These types can be a danger to your family and the adjacent property and may need to be removed. A certified arborist can determine if a tree needs to be removed from your yard, or if treatment could take care of its issues.

Four Potential Reasons for Healthy Tree Removal in New Castle, DE

Some situations may necessitate the removal of a healthy tree, such as:

Encroachment upon a neighboring property – Ideally, homeowners will plant trees that have a maximum growth less than that which is available, and plant them far enough from a property line that they avoid growing over neighboring lawns. However, sometimes people just choose a tree that they like without considering size or location and the tree outgrows its space.

Overcrowding of trees – If a grove of trees becomes overcrowded, the trees may be unable to get the necessary sun or nutrients. A certified arborist can determine the best way to thin the grove by selecting some trees for removal so that the rest can thrive.

Creating a less obstructed view –  Depending on the location of the property,  a homeowner may desire a better view of some feature that is obstructed by trees. In this case, a tree care professional can remove or trim selected trees.

Construction – Trees may stand in the way of planned construction or they may be in danger of damage from the construction process. Even if trees are undamaged by equipment, they can be overstressed by soil compaction that accompanies construction. Consult with a certified arborist to determine whether a tree is in danger, because removing the tree before construction will be easier than afterward.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Professional Tree Removal in New Castle, DE

Whatever the tree removal project in New Castle DE entails, Stein Tree Service is prepared. With over 33 years of tree care experience, we know the proper and safest methods for tree removal, ensuring that your home and family are protected. Contact us today for a free consultation.