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Tree Removal in Ridley Park, PA

Tree Removal Aston, PA | Stein Tree ServicesWhen looking for professional tree removal in Ridley Park, PA, homeowners are advised to hire someone skilled and experienced with different types of tree removal. Trees can either be a liability or an asset and a professional can conduct tree risk assessments to determine existing or potential problems.

If you notice unusual leaning of a tree, branches conspicuously without leaves during non dormant times, or insect presence, such as the emerald ash borer, consult with a tree care expert to ascertain whether your tree is at risk.

When the assessor uncovers any potential issue with your trees – he will determine the next steps – which could include treatments, trimming or in the worst case, tree removal of your Ridley Park tree could be necessary. Hire a professional, licensed, and insured Certified Arborist to remove your tree. Tree removal is technical and dangerous, especially without proper knowledge and equipment.

Circumstances Necessitating Tree Removal in Ridley Park, PA

1. Storm Damage

If one or more of your trees are damaged beyond restoration during a storm, removal may required to prevent future accidents. After a storm, an arborist or tree risk assessor will inspect all your trees for damage. Stein Tree Service offers emergency tree removal service 24 hours a day, and usually can arrive within 2 hours of your request. In addition, you can take advantage of Stein Tree’s TreeFall program, which could save you thousands in the event of major storm damage.

2. Short Lifespan

During a consultation, a Certified Tree Risk Assessor can identify relatively short-lived trees like Cherry Laurel, trees that are prone to decay like mature laurel oak, and weak-wooded trees such as pine. You may choose to remove the trees and replace them with trees that have long lifespans to preserve the long-term beauty of your yard.

3. Nearby Hazards

Leaning trees that are deemed likely to fall on your home, people, the roadway, or power lines, all present a serious threat and should be removed. An arborist can identify trees that are growing at an angle naturally versus those that are unstable or have primary roots broken.

When looking for tree removal in Ridley Park, PA, always ask to see proof of licensure and insurance. Licensed tree care professionals like Stein Tree Service will have no problem identifying themselves. As long as your tree care service is licensed, insured and bonded, you will be protected in the event that something goes wrong during the process.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Skilled Tree Removal in Ridley Park, PA

Stein Tree Service offers excellent tree removal services in and around Ridley Park, PA. The company has ISA Board Certified arborists and tree risk assessors operating in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. The company has been serving satisfied customers since 1983. With over three decades of experience in the industry and all the equipment needed to handle any tree service required by customers, Stein Tree Service is great choice for tree removal in Ridley Park. Contact us today for a free consultation.