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TreeFall Program – Terms and Conditions

Bad weather can occur at any time. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the cost to remove storm-damaged trees, limbs and debris from your property not covered by your homeowners insurance, which is often limited ONLY to the cost of removing the damaged portion of a tree that lands on an insured structure.  As an insured homeowner, you are more often than not burdened with the cost of removing any remaining portions of a damaged tree, removing fallen trees that have not damaged insured structures and debris removal and clean-up costs in general. Depending on the severity of the storm and the amount of resulting damage, you can find yourself out-of-pocket thousands of dollars for storm-related clean-up costs.

Stein Tree Service believes in giving our customers the best service and value for your money and that is why we developed the “TreeFall Program”, a program offering you added peace of mind should a storm strike, leaving your property covered with fallen limbs, downed trees and tree-related debris.

Don’t let clean-up and debris removal costs damage your budget because Mother Nature damaged your property. For a low annual fee, we will provide up to 10 hours of storm clean-up services and debris removal for a period of up to 1 year. We offer 2 plans, each of which can save you thousands of dollars on storm clean-up services and debris removal costs. Select the Plan that best suits your needs and your budget (check one box):

¨ PLAN 1 – Up to 5 hours of storm clean up and debris removal services annually for a low rate of only $399 per year. This can be a possible savings of up to $1596.00[1]

¨ PLAN 2 – Up to 10 hours of storm clean up and debris removal services annually for a low rate of $499 per year. This can be a possible savings of up to $3491.00[2]

Important Program Information: Program applies only to residential homeowners with sole responsibility for the cost of clean-up beyond homeowners insurance coverage limits. Program is good for one year from the date WE receive this signed Agreement with payment in full of the Plan fee noted above. Program can ONLY be used for clean-up costs for trees damaged by natural forces related to storms not otherwise covered by a valid homeowners policy.  Program includes one regular service crew (minimum of 2 workers) consisting of 1 truck, 1 chipper and normal hand tools. Program does not include use of outside contractors, cranes, tractors or any other equipment including but not limited to stump grinders. Program does not include stump grinding or removal services. Program is limited to hours of selected Plan.  After hours of Plan are used then YOU agree to pay OUR emergency rates for storm damage clean-up and tree removal services. The calculation of Plan hours commences when OUR crew leaves the shop or the site where they are located when dispatched to YOUR property and includes travel time to and from YOUR property to the dump to safely dispose of debris.  Rates are subject to change without notice. WE must do all tree damage work related to emergency storm damage covered by YOUR homeowner’s insurance policy in order for YOU to be eligible for this Program. We will commence work as OUR schedule allows. Schedules are subject to weather, work stoppage, accidents, strikes, equipment failures and all other delays beyond OUR control. Program is not applicable for normal tree services and is not available for commercial customers. WE are not responsible for and the Program does not cover (i) property damage related to a storm, (ii) damage caused to property in the safe execution of OUR work, (iii) damage caused by outside contractors or equipment needed to remove debris, (iv) tree damage occurring prior to the date WE accept this Agreement in writing and receive the Plan fee noted above, (v) damage caused by insects, diseases, fungi or man- made issues or perils, (vi) trees YOU deem dangerous but insurance companies refuse to pay to remove or trim because they have not yet been damaged or have not yet caused any damage, and (vii) damage not reported within 48 hours of the storm event causing damage covered by this Program.  The terms of this Program are subject to such additional terms and change in terms as may be noticed from time to time by us in writing or on our website at

1 Emergency rate of $399/hr x 5 hrs = $1995 – $399.00 yearly plan = savings of $1596.00

2 Emergency rate of $399/hr x 10 hrs = $3999 – $499 yearly plan = savings of $3491.00




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