Winter Tree Care Reminders for West Chester, PA Residents

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Winter is here in all its chilly glory. While you may be tempted to stay indoors this season, remember that your trees are subject to winter’s harshness and protecting them is part of good winter tree care in West Chester, PA. Such protection is especially needed in a winter such as the one we are experiencing, which promises to bring more snow and ice our way. The inclement winter weather can cause stress on trees, particularly those that are young, newly planted, or recently transplanted. The following are some reminders of important winter tree care tips we recommend for our West Chester, PA neighbors:

Important Winter Tree Care Tips

  • Mulch around trees. Adding a fresh layer of organic mulch around the tree’s base underneath the drip line is advisable, but avoid piling mulch directly against the trunk. The mulch will insulate the tree’s soil and tree roots to protect against temperature extremes. Mulch also slows water loss from the soil to help avoid moisture loss.
  • Protect young trunks. The winter dormancy of grasses and flowering plants forces rabbits, voles, and other rodents to seek out other food sources. One common winter food for these types of animals is soft tree bark. They can often be found during winter gnawing on the bark of young trees and exposing the inner wood to the elements. Protect your young trees from these gnashing teeth by wrapping trunks with plastic tree guards. For those West Chester, PA residents who have bigger pests, like deer, you can use tall chicken wire.
  • Clear limbs of heavy snowfall. After a heavy snowfall, go out and clear off any accumulated snow from tree branches to help prevent the weight of snow from cracking and breaking limbs. If you have young branches with heavy icicles, you can use a garden hose connected to a hot water faucet to spray and slowly melt off the weight. If you use this method, take care to avoid burning the tree.
  • Have trees pruned or trimmed. Tree branches that are weak and canopies that are overfull can cause damage to property or people if strong storms cause them to fall. If you missed the chance to have pruning done in fall, winter is still a great time. In some cases, winter is even better because your tree care specialist can better see the tree structure and any trunk problems that could indicate issues for your tree.

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