Shrubs that Create Interest in Winter – Enjoy the View and Get Your List Ready for Spring Planting and Tree Care in West Chester, PA


Winter has a soft beauty. The deep browns of bare trees, muted greens and grays of frozen ground, and cool whites of snowfall combine to create a subdued color palette. This quieter landscape offers great inspiration for those gardeners and homeowners who want to show off a touch of flair. Winter shrubs with bright blooms and sweet scents, colorful berries, and textured green foliage are perfect for sparking interest and creating a nice contrast to the cooler winter landscape. For those interested in tree care in West Chester, PA. take a quick look at some favorite winter shrub picks.

  • Winterberry. Winterberry is a deciduous version of holly that loses its green leaves in late fall and leaves behind long, spectacular sprays of fire-engine-red berries. Sometimes called ‘sparkleberry,’ this fantastic holly specimen is a real attention-getter in winter.
  • Witch hazel. Witch hazel is another deciduous shrub with keen winter attributes. During even the harshest fall and winter weather in West Chester, PA, this shrub will dazzle passerby with its clusters of rich red and yellow flowers. But the blaze-like beauty of its petals is just half of the appeal as witch hazel shrubs also emit a lovely fragrance, a very desirable surprise during the frozen days of winter.
  • Red Osier Dogwood. This North American shrub is incredibly hardy, known to grow and thrive as far north as Alaska. This dogwood features brilliant, fiery branches of gold, orange, and red come winter, an incredible array of colors that make it a great complement to evergreen landscapes. Plus, this shrub has the added benefit of attracting a host of pollinating butterflies, including the eastern-tailed blue butterfly. The richest of the dogwood’s twig colors occurs on young branches and so part of the tree care in West Chester, PA for this species should include regular pruning between late winter and early spring.
  • Leatherleaf Mahonia. Mahonia is a hardy and adaptable evergreen shrub that is native to China but has since come to many American gardens. During the winter, bright yellowish-green buds erupt from the tips of the shrub’s stems and each new growth blooms into a dozen or more spires of bright yellow flowers. In warmer winters, gardeners can expect to enjoy a nice early fragrance to break up the monotony of winter. Note though that the leather mahonia is a self-sowing plant that is non-native to the Americas, so proper tree care in West Chester, PA is important to prevent unwanted spreading of the species.

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