Avoid Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE with Tree Cabling and Bracing

tree bracing

Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE is often necessary after strong storms. Some trees are in greater danger than others for storm damage and residents can appreciate the importance of keeping them healthy and strong. When working with a certified arborist to improve the overall tree and plant health of your landscaping, you may hear discussions of cabling and bracing your trees.

What is Tree Cabling?

Cabling is one method of artificially strengthening trees. Attachment points, created using heavy hooks or loops that are screwed into the tree, are installed in the branches of the tree and cables are run between these tie-ins. This method helps the branches share the structural stress and provide support for each other so that they grow properly.

Work with a Certified Arborist when cabling trees. Improper cabling can cause irreparable damage rather than correct the issues. A wide variety of technical aspects can affect the success of this treatment, including:

  • Strength and material of hardware
  • Arrangement of cables
  • Location, type, and size of attachment points

Cables are installed higher in the trees, providing a greater amount of leverage and should be at least two-thirds of the distance from the crown of the tree to the defect. Cables may need to be adjusted as the tree grows, so working with a trained tree specialist is recommended.

What is Tree Bracing?

Bracing is often used in conjunction with cabling for additional strengthening and support for trees. This method requires the installation of rigid rods at branch unions just above or just below the tree’s defect.

When are Cabling and Bracing Needed?

tree removal Wilmington DE Split TreeCabling and bracing are used to address three major issues with your trees that could cause problems and lead to the need for emergency tree removal in Wilmington, DE or nearby areas.

  • Prevention – to reduce the potential of failure caused by structural weakness, such as with a tree that has a V shaped Crotch or more than one trunk.
  • Restoration – to prolong the life of a damaged tree by helping the remaining healthy branches support each other.
  • Mitigation – to reduce the hazards a structurally challenged tree poses to surrounding areas.

Discuss all your options with your professional, certified arborist to discover the best solution for your unique tree and plant health needs.

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