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Stein Tree Offers Right of Way Clearing Services in DE, PA and MD

By Stein Tree
Posted on February 28, 2019

As tree care professionals, one big aspect of our job is tree removal, and one of the tree removal services we provide frequently is municipal or commercial right of way clearing. Some might think that right of way clearing only refers to keeping roadway borders maintained, but many other types are actually more common.

What is Right of Way Clearing?

Right of way clearing involves removing brush and trees that overgrow their set boundaries. This boundary could be a horizontal one, that includes trimming and pruning overgrown trees to clear a walk or roadway, or some access point. Or the boundary could be vertical, such as when trees grow up into power lines or structures.

What are the Different Types of Clearing?

Stein has provided right of way clearing for businesses, municipalities, like school systems, and even for residents. Some common requests are:


Both public and private roads need to have cleared space on either side for safety. With a cleared right of way, people are more likely able to pull their cars completely off of the road when necessary, giving a safer distance between them and cars passing by. Having a cleared area also provides a buffer if a tree should fall, and having a professional tree care company assess the need for removal could uncover a problem with vulnerable trees before they become a hazard to cars and people passing by.

Bike Paths and Walking Trails

Tree Removal in right of way clearing project with equipment

Many cities and townships provide bike paths and walking trails for the benefit of residents, and when they do, they have a responsibility to be sure that the areas are safe for passage. Clearing includes removing brush and keeping trees trimmed back from the path.

Pipelines and Utilities

Whether installing new pipelines and utilities or maintaining them, the areas around these features must be kept clear to allow necessary access. When repairs are urgent, technicians have no time to waste waiting for someone to clear a path for them.

Cable & Fiber Optics

right of way clearing for utility line -Stein Tree Service 800

When new cable needs to be buried, the surrounding areas need to be cleared of trees that could impede the path. In addition, tree roots can grow into the area and damage cables if right of way clearing is neglected.


Right of way clearing helps prevent delays or even accidents around railroad tracks and crossings. In addition to keeping brush away from the tracks, trees must be trimmed so that their branches are prevented from striking the cars passing by.


Fences in neighborhood common areas, along roadways, and around parks or residences benefit aesthetically from keeping the surrounding areas clear. In addition, keeping trees clear of the area helps prevent them from falling on or damaging the fences. In rural areas, where animals might be penned, this type of breach prevention is even more important.

Surveys or Construction

One of the most common needs for right of way clearing is when new construction is being planned. Surveyors can more easily manage land that is cleared and of course, before any building can begin, the area has to be clear of brush and trees.

Stein Tree Service Performs Municipal, Residential and Commercial Right of Way Clearing

Whether you need one tree removed, a small area cleared, or miles of roadside right of way clearing performed, Stein has the equipment and expertise needed for the task; we have cleared over 500 miles of right of way since 2009. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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