Stein Urges Annual Spring Activities for Tree and Plant Health Care

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Pennsylvania and Delaware are still in winter’s grip, but as we all know, spring could burst in and decide to stay at any time now. Some trees are budding, tricked once again into thinking the time is right for their colorful displays. With that thought in mind, Stein recommends some winter cleanup activities and some spring preparation as well that will aid your landscape’s overall tree and plant health care.

Trimming and Pruning Trees and Shrubs

pruning-shears - Tree trimming and pruning in Wilmington DE - Stein Tree ServiceFirst of all, many trees do best if their trimming and pruning are done during dormancy. In addition, we have been hearing from quite a few of our local neighbors that recent winds have caused trees to fall in their yards—and unfortunately some of those have been neighbors’ trees! While we can certainly remove those downed trees and branches, no one wants to have property or people harmed when they fall. Trimming dead branches or even thinning when necessary can help reduce friction when wind storms occur and can allow better air flow.

To prevent trees and branches from causing damage this spring and into summer, get your trees inspected and vulnerable trees trimmed or pruned. Most trees and shrubs can handle minor trimming any time of the year, but taking care of this early can save you costs from damage and liability for neighbors’ property.


In some areas this step may be unnecessary for a while this year, as they have gotten record amounts of rainfall. While a tree needs enough water, too much can be harmful as well. When you have your tree inspection, have your arborist check for signs of possible rotting in tree roots.


Proper tree and plant health care includes making sure that they have the right nutrients. If you see signs such as dead branches and tips (once the tree blooms), leaf color that is abnormal, or fewer leaves than usual, you may want to fertilize. Your arborist can help you determine if other factors may be playing a role.


Mulch helps tree retain moisture and also reduces the growth of weeds. Adding a 3-inch layer all around the base of the tree will help promote proper growth, and aesthetically, fresh mulch looks great in your yard. Be sure to avoid piling mulch too high or too close to the tree trunk. Too much mulch can reduce air flow, and touching the tree can contribute to fungal growth.


Big grassy yard leading to treed area with colorful shrubs - Tree and Plant Health Care in Wilmington DEWe have already mentioned this step, but having a certified arborist inspect your landscape will help ensure that no potential threats to your tree and plant health care are lurking unseen. Some things that your arborist might see that a non-professional could miss are, insect infestation, such as emerald ash borer, signs of diseases, or weak branches that will likely fall.

Call Stein Tree for Local Tree and Plant Health Care and Emerald Ash Borer Inspection

Taking the time to give your landscape some annual maintenance can contribute greatly to overall tree and plant health. Stein Tree Service has been providing excellent tree care services, including tree and shrub trimming and pruning, tree removal and cabling or bracing, to business owners and residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland for over 33 years. We are certified to provide the proper treatment for the emerald ash borer in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. For a free consultation or to learn about our services, contact us today!