Tree Care 101: Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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Your trees are likely the most eye-catching, valuable part of your landscape. As such, trees need to receive the proper amount of care to keep them healthy. Tree care can involve many different tasks and goals. So to help your keep your trees healthy, Stein is offering a few tree care 101 tips for residents.


Photo of home with tree bed | tree care 101 | Stein Tree ServiceMulching is an integral part of tree care, and proper mulching goes a long way to keep your trees strong. Organic mulch is ideal because the added nutrients aid in tree health. Apply the mulch in the form of a doughnut around the tree, rather than a volcano covering the trunk. A good rule is the “3-3-3” rule: a 3-inch deep ring, in a 3-foot radius around the trunk, leaving a 3-inch space around the trunk.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Regular trimming and pruning is important. Generally, the best time to trim and prune trees is during dormancy in the fall and winter to encourage the next flowering. However, some trees should be pruned right after their flowering period ends, such as flowering dogwood or eastern redbud. In addition, light trimming and pruning may be done safely during most seasons, and if a tree has dangerously hanging branches, pruning must be done when needed for safety. Tree trimming and pruning are vital if a tree is at risk of falling or has damaged, dead, or weak branches, so always keep a close eye on the tree condition. Being vigilant about your tree’s health will help prevent damage to both the tree and anything surrounding it.

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Tree Care 101 Tips | Stein Tree ServiceAs with any other plant, watering is an essential part of tree care 101. If you are planting new trees, focus on watering the root ball area. You can water more of the tree once the roots spread out. If you have more mature trees in your yard, you may be able to water less often. But be proactive and water when your area has gotten less rainfall than usual, or the tree shows signs of distress. Water thoroughly once a week (or more in summer) instead of small amounts frequently, about 5 minutes of hose watering at medium water pressure. With proper watering, your trees can remain vigorous even during the hot summers.

Regular Inspections

One final piece of advice, and an often overlooked aspect of tree care 101 is routine inspections. Tree care is a long-term process, so regular inspections are an essential part. Hiring a professional, certified arborist to inspect your tree means that any issues such as new signs of disease or damage are spotted and resolved earlier.

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