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How do Arborists use the Resistograph to Determine the Need for Tree Removal in Newark, DE?

By Stein Tree
Posted on August 11, 2017

The health and well-being of your trees are important for the enjoyment and safety of your family and visitors. If decay, rot, or hollow areas are present, your trees are at greater risk of failure and subsequent necessary tree removal in Newark, DE.

What is a Resistograph and What is its Benefit?

In some cases, your trees may develop issues that can cause significant weakness and instability. In order to properly identify specific ailments within your tree, we often use a resistograph. This device gives us the capability to detect rot or hollowness in a tree that may have few visible signs of distress.

How Does a Resistograph Work

A resistograph has a stainless steel drill that measures 20 inches long and only 1/16” wide. The drill is inserted into the tree and the resistance is recorded or displayed, similar to what you would see with an EKG. The use of a resistograph to detect decay within a tree is considered only slightly invasive and the small hole should heal over a relatively short period of a few years.

certified arborist will analyze the results and determine if the tree is healthy or if decay is present, and can advise whether you will need tree removal from your Newark, DE landscape.

Benefits of Using a Resistograph

With the use of a resistograph, you are provided with measurable data that can help you to determine the level of risk within trees on your property. Though a certified arborist will try other methods of determining tree health first, the resistograph is a tool that can be used for certainty. A limitation of the resistograph is that the tool only measures the structural integrity of the tree at the site of testing: meaning the spot on the tree that is drilled. If the tree was tested at 5 feet above the ground there could still be structural integrity problems at 30 feet above the ground. A good arborist will look for cavities or areas of decay in deciding on further testing, treatment, or tree removal.

Stein Tree Provides Professional Tree Removal in Newark, DE and Surrounding Areas

Stein Tree offers the availability of resistograph testing when determining the need for tree removal in Newark, DE and surrounding areas. Our experienced tree care experts will determine what type of testing will be necessary. We strive to offer efficient, reliable tree and plant health care solutions for your budgetary needs. Contact us to request a FREE consultation from




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