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Five Reasons Homeowners Opt for Tree Removal in Newark, DE

By Stein Tree
Posted on April 14, 2017

Homeowners know that well landscaped yards with healthy trees provide many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. However, sometimes, they will still choose to have professionals perform tree removal from their Newark DE properties. In general, trees help clean the air and hold soil in place on our properties, in addition to the aesthetic value they provide. Trees provide shade and older ones can offer sentimental value. The many benefits of trees make removing them a difficult choice, but sometimes removal is necessary or desirable.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal in Newark DE Include:

Hazards and Interference

Trees that are growing into power lines, sidewalks or other structures must be trimmed or removed. Trimming, depending on the location and size of the tree, could leave the tree lopsided or unattractive, so homeowners may opt to remove them altogether. Dying and dead trees should also be removed for the safety of residents and structures on the property. Special knowledge and equipment are needed to safely remove large trees or large branches, so the best choice is to trust the work to a professional tree removal service in Newark DE.

Impeded View

Large trees, or a large number of trees, can impede the view of the rest of the property or oncoming street traffic. Homeowners may wish to remove some or all of the trees along a roadway in order to safely navigate out of their driveways, or to open up a scenic view of mountains or a waterfront.

Undesirable Species

Homeowners may choose to remove and replace undesirable tree species in Delaware. Some characteristics that can make a tree undesirable are weak wood that is prone to breakage, heavy leaf dropping, shallow roots, or particular attractiveness to pests.

Unhealthy Trees

If your tree is severely damaged or has been overtaken by illness, chances are good that the tree will need to be removed. Some types of tree diseases or fungus can be treated, however. A certified arborist can determine whether treatment could be effective and if the tree poses a danger due to weakening. A Stein Tree Service arborist will inspect trees trunks for cracks, dead branches, and wounds that could indicate internal decay.

Need for Emergency Tree Removal Service

Storms can cause immediate need for emergency tree removal in Newark, DE. The area often has storms in spring and summer, which can fell trees and cause major property damage. Sometimes, flying branches can impact power lines as well. Either of these scenarios requires quick removal so that no personal injury takes place.

Call Stein Tree Service for Experienced Tree Removal in Newark, DE

Tree removal in Newark, DE, is sometimes necessary to ensure the health of your landscape and the safety of your family. Stein Tree Service offers exceptional tree inspection, care, and removal services. Our emergency tree removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can get to most properties within 2 hours! Contact us today for a free consultation or to learn about our TreeFall program, which could save you thousands in the event you need emergency tree removal due to storms.




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