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West Chester Certified Arborist: The Right Way to Plant Trees

Planting a tree on your property is one of the best things you can do to improve your home’s resale value and curb appeal while enhancing the environment. However, the process involves more than dropping the new plant into a hole to ensure a healthy, thriving tree that lasts for generations. The best time to plant a tree is early spring, so Stein Tree Service’s certified arborist in West Chester, PA explains the right way to plant your new tree.

Tips for Planting New Trees

The right way to plant trees sounds simple on paper, but both you and arborists have to consider plenty of factors to ensure the proper conditions before and during planting. Before you start digging in your yard and planting the tree saplings, here are a few tips to help your planting go smoothly to ensure optimal tree growth.

Before You Dig

The key to the long-term health of your new tree is proper planting and care. Before you even dig a hole, you need to make sure the area is suitable for the tree you are considering. Make sure to consider the height and diameter of the mature tree’s canopy and root system. The taller your tree will be when fully mature, the farther away you should plant from your house.

Next, you need to ensure that the type of soil and pH levels on your property are compatible with the type of tree. You may need to correct the soil accordingly by adding nutrients. A certified arborist can test your soil and advise you if you need to make adjustments.

Whether you are planting the tree personally or hiring a trained professional, you should clearly mark any underground utilities, to avoid hitting the lines with your shovel and to keep the roots from interfering. Call 811 a few days before your planned dig to have someone come out and mark the locations in your area.

When You Plant

Improperly planting your trees can cause several problems. One common issue is a root-bound tree. To prevent this problem:

  • Inspect the root ball before buying and avoid those with tight root spirals.
  • Gently remove unhealthy roots or girdling roots (plant roots growing around the trunk or near the soil surface, which can choke the tree by inhibiting nutrients from reaching the rest of the tree).
  • Aim for a tree with a root ball of 10” to 12″ diameter per every one inch of trunk diameter.

Ensure that the hole is deep enough, and allow a few inches of loosened dirt under the root ball. The soil level should come to the top of the first level of main lateral roots. Pack the soil around the base of the tree and water well (watering can help eliminate air pockets, which inhibit root growth and water movement.) Place a generous layer of mulch around the tree, with a 1-inch depth at the base of the trunk, gaining depth outwardly up to 4 inches.

Certified Arborist West Chester tree sapling

Stein Tree’s Certified Arborists Will Help West Chester Trees Thrive, from Planting to Maturity

Depending on the type and number of trees you want as well as the type of soil in your area, planting trees can seem complicated. To guarantee the best start for your newly planted trees and protect them for years to come, you may want to hire a certified arborist in West Chester for tree care services. Stein Tree Service’s team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced arborists have helped residents and business owners care for their trees and shrubs for over 37 years. For more information on the right way to plant trees or to request a free consultation, contact us today!

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Why Does It Matter If Your Arborist Is ISA Certified?

When you are looking for an arborist to take care of your trees, be sure that your arborist is ISA certified. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the leading certification body of arborists in the world. Getting certified is an important step in becoming a reliable, professional arborist and also communicates to everyone that an arborist is properly experienced and knowledgeable. Hiring a certified arborist helps ensure the best care for your trees with the most up to date best practices.

Certified arborist inspecting a tree | arborist is isa certified | Stein Tree Service

What It Takes To Become an ISA Certified Arborist®

Becoming an ISA certified arborist® takes a certain amount of training and education. The ISA says that arborists must have met all requirements to be eligible for the exam, which includes

  • “3 or more years of full-time, eligible work experience in arboriculture, or
  • A degree in arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, or forestry from a regionally accredited educational institute.”

Arborists also have to take continuing education courses and follow a code of ethics to ensure their credibility and reliability as arborists. Becoming an ISA certified arborist takes time, knowledge and skill, and hiring one for your tree care offers many benefits.

Proper Safety & Tree Care

If your arborist is ISA certified, you are working with a professional with the required knowledge and training for the necessary tree care. Tree trimming and pruning, for example, require careful, methodical cuts to ensure the tree’s health and overall function. Tree removal is another process that requires careful cuts and a studied process to maintain safety. These tasks often require complex equipment that a certified arborist has the training to safely utilize. Tree care is complicated and dangerous work, so the best solution is to hire a certified arborist to work with your trees.

See Our Tree Trimming Services

Certified arborist trimming a tree | arborist is isa certified | Stein Tree Service

Certified Arborists Can Treat for Tree Diseases & Pests

Another part of tree care certified arborists are better suited to handle is treating diseases or pests. Trees can become infested with various pests, including emerald ash borer and spotted lanternfly, or infected with disease following infestation or tree injury. Treating for these diseases and pests requires knowing what to look for in a tree, awareness of how the pests and/or diseases can affect the rest of the landscape, and understanding of the available solutions. A certified arborist will know how to properly treat trees for pests and diseases while maintaining the health of the surrounding landscape and plant life.

Certified Arborists Can Handle Storm & Emergency Tree Damage

If a large, mature tree is damaged or knocked over in a storm, certified arborists will be able to handle and resolve the situation. Tree removal can be dangerous, especially in the aftermath of storms where trees can interfere with other structures such as power lines or homes. Damaged or toppled trees that obstruct roads, businesses or homes also cost the owners income, making timely evaluation vital. A certified arborist has the experience, education, and skills needed to handle storm damage and provide emergency tree services while protecting others’ safety.

Stein Provides Emergency Tree Services

Contact Stein Tree Service for Your Tree Care Needs

If you have any tree care needs or questions, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein has been in business for over 35 years, serving many communities in Delaware and Philadelphia. We have state-of-the-art equipment that is ready for emergency dispatch. When you work with Stein, your arborist is ISA certified and highly experienced to ensure exceptional service. For more information on our services, contact us today.

The Benefits of An ISA Certified – AND Insured – Arborist

Tree care involves dangerous tasks, especially for those who are inexperienced. The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) claimed that 153 tree care-related occupational incidents occurred in 2016, and almost half, 93, proved fatal. These incidents occurred among trained professionals, so they could certainly happen when untrained people attempt hazardous tasks. Whenever you need to have tree care services performed in your landscape, play it safe and hire someone who cares for trees as a profession, like a certified arborist.

What is an ISA Certified Arborist?

An arborist is someone who has studied and become knowledgeable about tree and plant health care. These professionals work to ensure that trees hare cared for in a manner that is environmentally sound. ISA, or the International Society of Arboriculture, provides certification after strict requirements have been met, including:

  • Passing a certification exam
  • Two years or more of full-time work experience in the field
  • Proof of proper training or education

Once an arborist is certified, you can feel confident that he/she has the knowledge and experience needed to address tree care issues. Ongoing education is required to ensure that ISA certified arborists stay abreast of current best practices and safety concerns, and new issues, like the spreading emerald ash borer infestation. In addition, ISA Certified Arborists are held to a code of ethics. This code determines how an arborist will handle issues like chemical treatments, tree diseases and unhealthy tree practices such as tree topping.

Make Sure Your Certified Arborist is Also Insured

certified arborist in West Chester Stein Tree Service

We have discussed this issue before, but the subject bears repeating. Using an uninsured tree service professional, or any contractor, to perform work on your property is dangerous to you, and to the contractor. If a worker is injured, or if damage occurs during the course of the work, the homeowner would be responsible for the costs. Those costs could include repairs for damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, or medical treatment costs for injured parties, and they could add up to thousands of dollars.

Contact Stein Tree for Skilled, Certified, and Insured Tree Care

Stein Tree has been in business for 35 years and we have seen homeowners fall victim to debts due to uninsured contractors. Our certified arborists, tree inspectors and all of our specialists are dedicated to ensuring our customers get exceptional tree care. We attend training seminars, follow safety protocols, and use the proper equipment for whatever task we are performing. For information or a free consultation about your tree care concerns, contact us today.

How do you Choose the Right Certified Arborist in West Chester, PA?

certified arborist in West Chester is the person you want on call for those big or dangerous tree jobs. Whether you need advice on keeping your tree healthy or need branch trimming, a certified arborist has the knowledge and experience to assist. You especially want this type of professional in situations where dangerous variables, such as electrical wires, heights, or nearby buildings, fences, or homes make working on and around your trees riskier.

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