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Prepare for Winter Tree Damage and Storm Clean Up in 2019

A few weeks ago in Lusby, Maryland, a tree crashed through the roof of a home while the family was watching TV. In August, a tree fell onto a home in Lake Hickory, NC. Fortunately, these incidents resulted in no physical injuries, but the damage to those homes caused considerable expense. Unfortunately, this type of occurrence is fairly common and can result in the need for immediate action and storm clean up. Stein discusses how residents can help reduce the chance for winter tree damage to their homes and property.

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What is the Connection Between Tree Response and Storm Clean Up in Wilmington DE?

During spring and summer months, violent, windy storms often cause a need for storm clean up in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas. Residents often wonder why some trees are affected even though they seem strong and sturdy. As Certified Arborists with Stein Tree Service, we know that many of these trees have been weakened in response to injuries or environmental impacts.

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With Snowfall Looming, Stein Advises Residents to Be Prepared for Tree Damage and Storm Clean Up

In 2017, we had two major winter storms bearing down on us, and the 2018 winter is already upon us. Though we may avoid getting snow from Bruce, residents should be prepared for winter weather. Heavy snow or ice precipitation, and windy storms could cause vulnerable trees to fall, or branches to be blown off of trees. These events present a danger to people and property. Before storm clean up becomes a necessity, residents still have time to get trees inspected, and to have any that are deemed threats, especially those overhanging structures or power lines, removed.

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Stein Tree Service, Pennsylvania Tree Removal Service Provider, Advises Care During Winter Storm Quinn and Ongoing Winter Weather


March 9, 2018 – West Chester, PA – Winter Storm Quinn is still impacting the Pennsylvania area and forecasters are already looking ahead to more winter weather. Stein Tree Service, who has been steadily providing emergency tree removal since the Nor’easter hit last week, advises residents to inspect their trees, especially those that overhang power lines or structures.

According to Pennsylvania Real-Time News, Winter Storm Quinn was predicted to drop 3-6 inches of snow onto northwestern Pennsylvania, and a new storm could potentially gather intensity along the coast around March 11- March 12. Stein professionals have seen a great deal of damage to power lines and trees already. With the heavy snowfall adding more weight to already heavily laden tree branches, homeowners could see more trees fall, and those near homes pose the biggest threat.

Owner Jeff Stein commented, “The last thing homeowners want to see during a heavy snowfall is a tree come down on the roof. Then they are faced with finding other shelter for their families and pets, while worrying about damage to their homes’ interiors.” Stein advises residents to visually inspect any trees that are near structures and call a tree removal service company to check any that appear unwieldy.

Stein reminds residents that emergency tree removal is available from the company 24/7, but prevention is a valuable ally. The company’s specialists advise homeowners to take advantage of the brief respite before the next storm and ensure their families are safe from damage or injury due to falling trees or branches.

About Stein Tree Service

Stein Tree Service, the oldest independently owned tree care service company in Delaware, performs all types of tree care, including treatment for the destructive emerald ash borer, and provides timely emergency tree removal for residents of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Free consultations are available and the professional certified arborists and specialists at Stein are dedicated to exceptional tree care and safe tree removal. For more information call 302-478-3511 or visit the company website at:

Stein Tree Urges Emergency Tree Removal Preparations Ahead of the Coming Nor’Easter

March 2, 2018 – Wilmington, DE – Local tree care company Stein Tree Service urges Wilmington residents to prepare for the coming Nor’Easter by having a tree care company’s phone number handy for possible emergency tree removal. According to the Inquirer Daily News, thousands are already without power, and winds are continuing at 25-35 miles per hour, gusting even higher up to 60 miles per hour. Some residents have already experienced downed trees from this week’s weather, and the strongest of the storm is still ahead.

Prepare ahead of time and research now so that you know who you will call in case of storm damage, where a tree falls on power lines or even your home, and you need emergency tree removal for the safety and well-being of your family.

4 Top Reasons to Call Stein Tree for Your Emergency Tree Removal Needs

  1. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Radio-dispatched trucks can reach most addresses within 2 hours to begin the clean up process and limit damage to other trees or property.
  3. Stein’s equipment is state of the art and our professionals are well-trained in the safe removal of trees.
  4. Stein Tree Service is fully insured in case of any incidents or injuries.

Stein Tree encourages Delaware and Pennsylvania residents to be prepared for this powerful storm and the potential effects.

  • Have emergency supplies ready in case of power loss.
  • Keep important numbers ready in case of injury or home damage from wind, branches or downed trees.
  • Prepare back-up generators if you have them.
  • Fill tubs with water for necessities like flushing if power goes out.
  • Check on elderly neighbors who might not be physically able to ask for help if power is lost.

About Stein Tree Service

Stein Tree Service is the oldest independently owned tree care service company in Delaware. The company performs inspections, all types of tree care and provides timely emergency tree removal for residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The professional certified arborists and specialists at Stein are dedicated to exceptional and safe tree care. For more information call 302-478-3511 or visit the company website at:

Stein Tree Service Announces TreeFall Program for Emergency Tree Removal Services

Wilmington, DE – December 21, 2017 – Stein Tree Service has announced that now is the time to take advantage of their TreeFall Program, which can save homeowners both stress and money on emergency tree removal services in Wilmington, DE. Stein Tree Service’s TreeFall Programs could save homeowners thousands of dollars on emergency tree removal services this winter. With predictions of heavy snow and ice looming, homeowners are advised to be prepared.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning in Wilmington, DE: Prepare for Windstorms

Tree Fallen Across Road - emergency tree removal services

In Delaware and Pennsylvania, windstorms are common, and they can break or uproot trees. Proper tree trimming and pruning in Wilmington, Delaware can reduce the wind pull on trees, allowing them to survive in a strong storm. Certified arborists and tree care assessors can evaluate the trees in your yard and determine which branches should be removed to reduce risk while allowing the tree to retain its shape and beauty.

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Prevent the Need for Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington This Winter

Emergency Tree Removal Service in Wilmington; A tree has fallen onto a house, crushing part of the roof

As fall works its way toward winter, homeowners need to turn their attention to winterizing their homes and property to prevent damage. However, homeowners often overlook the condition of their trees, which can result in costly damages to homes, vehicles, and personal property, as well as the cost of hiring an emergency tree removal service in Wilmington. 


Reduce the Risk of Storm Damage

Prevention is Important

Winter storms are a leading cause of downed trees and limbs. Ice builds up on weakened branches, soil erodes under dry rotted roots, and strong winds knock down even thick set trunks. When tree limbs tear or fall completely, they can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage, and can even cause personal injuries to loved ones. Prevention is key in reducing these risks, and should be completed along with other winter preparations. 

Incorporate Tree Health into Winter Preparations

Ensuring the home and property are safe from winter storm damages caused by trees and their branches is an important step for all property owners. To make sure your property is safe, incorporate inspecting your trees into your winter preparation ritual. In the event your property has very large trees, an experienced arborist, such as those at Stein Tree Service, should be contacted to safely perform the inspections.

What Homeowners Should Look For

While homeowners should contact a Certified Arborist to inspect larger trees, homeowners can perform basic inspections. When surveying your property, here is what you should look for to prevent the need for emergency tree removal service in Wilmington:

  • Damaged trunks or large limbs, such as those affected by past storms.
  • Signs of decay, such as hollow trunks, increased insect activity, and fungal growth.
  • Trees that lean drastically or look as if they are growing lopsidedly. 
  • Branches that overhang roofs, sheds, and vehicle parking areas.
  • Branches that contact or overhang power lines.
  • Trees with V-shaped forks.

Contact the Experts at Stein Tree Service

Basic maintenance, such as pruning, may be done by the homeowner. For more complicated large scale tasks, or in the event of a possible infestation, homeowners and business owners should contact the experts. Experienced arborists and tree risk assessors can inspect the trees in question, and safely address the problems.

While prevention is key to avoiding costly emergency tree removal services in Wilmington, accidents happen. Having a plan in place, such as the TreeFall Program at Stein Tree Service, can reduce unexpected expenses and stress.

Since 1983, Stein Tree Service has helped homeowners and businesses in the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania areas with trimming shrubs and trees, evaluating tree health and removing unwanted tree stumps. To learn more about how to prevent winter storm damages caused by trees, please contact the professionals at Stein Tree Service.