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Proper Tree Trimming and Pruning in Exton, PA

tree trimming and Pruning Exton PAProper tree trimming and pruning in Exton, PA is vital to the health, landscape, and value of the trees. The purpose of proper pruning is to train the tree, improve its quality, or restrict its growth for safety or aesthetic reasons.

Certified arborists and tree care professionals know that for trees to have the best shape and vitality, they need to have proper pruning. However, improper pruning is worse than leaving the tree alone. In fact, improperly pruning could kill the tree, cause property damage, or create dangerous conditions around your property. Pruning that injures trees could result in killing the bark or exposing the wood to disease.

Improper Tree Trimming and Pruning Practices that Should be Avoided on your Exton, PA property.

  • Topping: Topping means cutting a large section off of a tree’s crown. In essence you are removing all of the leafy branches on the top half of the tree. A poorly formed tree is left after topping. The tree may never regain an appealing form as water sprouts, (unattractive growths) will form on the ends of cut branches or the trunk and the shape of the tree is harshly altered. Topping may also cause tree death if too few leafy branches remain and the tree is unable to create enough food.
  • Cutting at the Wrong Time: A tree should be pruned during dormancy unless an urgent need exists (like a power line’s proximity) and a tree in distress should be assessed by a certified arborist before any pruning is attempted. Cutting branches that face west in the hot summer could cause sun scald on maples, oaks, and other types of trees.
  • Cutting too Close: Often when people attempt to prune their trees, they get too close to the main trunk. If you remove the branch collar, this could allow disease to enter the trunk.
  • Over Pruning: If you remove too much foliage, a tree will be unable to produce food, support its own weight, or get needed nutrients.
  • Lion’s Tailing: If you raise the canopy of the tree improperly, you get a tall empty trunk with a small number of leaves at the top which starts taking the shape of a lion’s tail.

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