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Terms for Tree Trimming and Pruning in Malvern, PA

Taking care of the tree trimming and pruning of shrubs around your Malvern, PA home can be a big job that requires specialized knowledge.

Below are some technical tree care terms associated with pruning and tree trimming to help you understand some of the jargon used by certified arborists who care for your property.

Technical Terms for Tree Trimming and Pruning in Malvern, PA

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The crown is the upper part of the tree typically measured from the lowest branch. The term includes all the branches and foliage to the end of the longest branch and up to the highest point on the top of the tree.

Thin Crown

This term is often followed by a percentage amount. This is the preferred method of pruning which removes the interior growth and thins out branches selectively.

The tree itself typically retains the same size and natural look. This pruning method rids the tree of excess weight and can also help with pest control efforts.


Topping is a bad word in tree care circles because the practice is dangerous to the health of a tree. Tree topping involves chopping off the branches of the tree at a determined level height and often leads to decay and structural damage.

Structure Prune

Typically for young and developing trees, structure pruning involves removing forks or crossing branches to give the tree good growth direction.

Skirt Raise

This type of pruning is done on lower branches of weeping trees to allow for access to the tree or for added sight of your property. Skirt raising lifts the level of the bottom branches and foliage.


De-suckering removes water sprouts or suckers from all branches to develop a stronger structure and fill in gaps for further growth. This procedure can ensure a tree that is healthy for a long time.

Major Deadwood Clean

This process of tree care removes most of the dead wood or diseased branches in the tree’s canopy, preventing the dead wood from falling on people below or spreading diseases to healthy parts of the tree.

Root Prune

Severing sections of roots that are causing or may cause future damage to foundations, sidewalks, or hard surfaces can be done with this mechanical process to prevent further issues.

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