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Purpose of Tree Trimming and Pruning in Ridley Park, PA

Although the professionals make it look easy, tree trimming and pruning in Ridley Park, PA can actually be a difficult or complex task. Pruning safely requires the proper equipment as well as the arboricultural knowledge to know when and how to prune each tree species. Without these elements, tree trimming can injure both you and your tree. Below is a look at three reasons trees and shrubs need pruning and why you should hire a professional to do the job.

tree trimming and pruning Ridley Park PA- tall trees - 800Appearance

Trees and hedges are often trimmed and pruned for aesthetic reasons. A properly shaped bush or tree adds curb appeal to homes and style to outdoor living spaces. A big part of getting the look right, however, is understanding a tree’s growth pattern so you can avoid leaving areas of the tree bare or removing so much at one time that the tree is unable to get needed nutrients and water. A certified arborist knows just where to cut — and how to cut —to leave the plants around your home or business looking their very best.


A tree’s structural integrity is what keeps it upright and off of your roof, car and other structures in your yard. Unfortunately, insect damage and diseases weaken trees and can compromise their structure, increasing the odds that the tree will create a safety hazard by dropping large branches or falling over. Sometimes trees simply grow in a strange way, lack the strength they need for soundness, or fail to root deeply enough. Professional tree services know how to spot problems like this early so you can take action before someone gets hurt.

Menace Removal

Both nature and homeowners sometimes plant trees and shrubs at inconvenient places. Menace pruning combats this by keeping plants from getting in your way. During this type of pruning, bushes and tree limbs are cut away from walkways, utility meters and outdoor appliances like air-conditioning condensers. Branches are also cut away from any utility lines running through the upper branches of the tree. Low hanging branches are removed from over walkways, driveways and patio spaces so no one has to duck underneath them.

Trees require some attention to maintain their health and best looks. If you have trees that are damaged, overgrown, or misshapen, trimming and pruning services in Ridley Park, PA may be the solution to correcting the problem.

Trust Stein Tree Service for Tree Trimming and Pruning in Ridley Park, PA

Stein Tree Service has been a trusted tree care provider since 1983. We employ certified arborists, tree risk assessors and other tree and plant health care providers who are passionate about trees and take pride in their work. If you need insect infestation treatment, tree removal or tree trimming and pruning services in Ridley Park, PA, contact Stein Tree Service today.