Tree Care In Wilmington DE: What if Summer Storms Have Damaged your Tree?

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Post-storm care is an essential aspect of prompt and proper tree care in Wilmington DE, and is particularly important during these late summer and early autumn months. Because while the Southeast’s hurricanes and tropical storms dominate the national news waves, in the north we have our own notorious nor’easters and other howling thunderstorms to worry about from September to April. The following is a quick look at what professional arborists inspect and recommend following a large storm:

Tips for Proper Tree Care in Wilmington, DE if Summer Storms Damage Your Greenery

  • Begin with a visual inspection. The first thing to do following a storm is to complete a visual inspection, first at a distance and if no large dangers are seen, do a walkthrough of your yard. For any big jobs or dangerous situations, call a professional tree care service such as Stein Tree Service immediately. Danger signs include:
         o Hanging or otherwise broken branches overhead
         o Splits in tree trunk or branches
         o Full tree leaning
         o Signs of heaving soil at a tree’s base
         o Limbs falling over utility lines
         o Newly visible root systems
         o Fully uprooted or toppled tree
  • Start small and go bigger. In areas without the above issues, a good system for clean-up is to start small and ramp bigger. Small twigs, leaves, and debris can easily be picked up and put in the appropriate trash bins. Smaller and mid-sized branches may be dried out for later use during the fall as fire kindling.
  • Saving a split tree. Even if your favorite tree was split during a strong storm, the tree may be salvageable. Consult with a certified arborist as soon as possible following the damage.
  • Replacing a leader. If a tree’s leader has been completely lost to storm damage (or disease), tree care in Wilmington DE will require training a replacement. Training a replacement leader — in other words, replacing the main trunk of a tree due to situations like canopy loss or complete splitting — is one form of storm damage we treat at Stein Tree Service. Encouraging a replacement requires continual monitoring with pruning done on at least a quarterly basis. If proper tree care is practiced, your beloved tree may thrive once again.

Year Round Tree Care in Wilmington, DE Will Help Protect Trees from Damage

Just like a good diet keeps your body healthy, good mulching, proper watering, and the right fertilizer are all key components of tree health. Such year-round maintenance expedites healing processes and reduces the risks of storm damage. Contact us for more tree care tips or a free consultation about the unique needs of your landscape.