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Tree Trimming and Pruning or Tree Removal Can Be Hazardous

Many homeowners have experience with shrub or tree trimming and pruning. Some even have experience with a chainsaw. However, tree care can be dangerous, even for professionals, which is why we recommend hiring well-trained, licensed, and insured professionals to perform hazardous tree care tasks.

According to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), which relies on media reports for this information, 118 tree care-related incidents occurred in 2020. Forty-eight of these were fatal. Most of these injuries were caused by falls, being struck, or contact with electrical wires or current. These are tragic accidents, and if they occur even among trained professionals, they can occur among untrained residents.

Stein Tree Service ensures that our tree care professionals are trained in the proper safety procedures so that no accidents occur. We enforce those safety practices, which is why you will always see our professionals wearing hard hats for protection. We take safety seriously, both our staff’s and yours. If an accident should occur, we are fully licensed and insured for the protection of our staff and clients. An unlicensed tree care worker who is injured on your property could be a financial liability for you if they are uninsured.

What Kinds of Tree Care Should Be Performed By a Professional Tree Care Specialist?

Anything that involves potentially falling limbs or any kind of climbing is best left to professionals. Below is a list of three hazardous activities that Stein provides for residential and commercial clients.

Shrub and Tree Trimming and Pruning

Professionals are recommended for these tasks for two main reasons.

1. Safety and Convenience

A tree care professional has (and is experienced in using) all the proper equipment for tree trimming and pruning, both mechanized and otherwise. Ladders and even lift trucks are sometimes needed for tree trimming, depending on the size. Trained professionals will know how to handle trees that are near electrical lines or overhanging your home to avoid personal or property damage. Tree care professionals will also be practiced in climbing trees in a way that will prevent damage to them.

Lift truck with tall tree | tree trimming and pruning | Stein Tree Service

2. Knowledge

Arborists and other tree care professionals know how to trim a tree or shrub for its health. If you want a particular shape or the tree needs to fit into a limited area, we can accommodate, but we will do so in a way that will enable the tree to continue to thrive. We also know how to avoid over-pruning, and if heavy tree pruning is necessary, we can make recommendations for a long-term plan to achieve the desired final result.

When a trained, certified arborist performs tree trimming and pruning, he/she may be able to identify problem areas in the tree, such as diseased, insect-infested, or weakened areas (such as tree branches) that may be treatable or may require tree removal to maintain safety and minimize safety hazards.

Tree Inspection

Homeowners should inspect their trees regularly for changes, but with the emerald ash borer and spotted lantern-fly threats in our area, having a professional inspect your trees is a good idea. An insect infestation can cause irreparable damage to the trees in your landscape before you realize that anything is happening.

Inspections can also catch weakened or broken branches that are at risk of falling onto your home or onto a family member, neighbor, or passing pedestrian. Being proactive with regular inspections, tree trimming, and removing dead branches can provide a measure of safety from liability in some cases.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous tree care activities, especially if the tree is large. Trained tree care professionals will know how to fell the tree without damaging your property. Also, if heavy equipment is required, they will help ensure that surrounding trees and plant life remain unharmed by soil compaction.

Stein Tree Service’s Trained Professionals Will Safely Care for Your Trees

We all love our trees and want the best care for them. For family and property safety, homeowners should call Stein for regular and hazardous tree care activities. We offer residential and commercial shrub and tree trimming and pruning services, tree removal, inspections, insect treatment (including emerald ash borer and spotted lanternfly) in Delaware, and Pennsylvania. For a free consultation, contact Stein today!

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Featured Programs

Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas

Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses.

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Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Emerald Ash Borer Inspection

In the spring, destructive ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge.  These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees.  Our specialists are certified to treat for EAP in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For A free consultation, contact us today.

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Will Insurance Pay for Hazardous Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE?

We all love our trees. From branching maples and red oaks to colorful dogwoods, trees provide a myriad of benefits and improve the look and feel of a property. However, even the hardiest tree can fall victim to disease and old age, and what once was a beautiful addition to your property may now be a hazardous object. If you have a dead, dying, or dangerously placed tree, you may be wondering about tree removal in Wilmington, DE, and whether your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the service.

Insurance Guidelines for Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

As Delaware and Pennsylvania residents and property owners prepare for summer storms, where vulnerable trees could fall, the worry about those trees may be in the forefront of their minds. In general, most homeowners insurance companies are unwilling to pay to have a dead or dying tree removed from a property unless the tree has already fallen and caused damage. Even then, they may only pay for part of the costs.

Why You Should Avoid Waiting

Homeowners should avoid waiting for nature to take its course with hazardous trees. Waiting for dangerous trees to fall on their own may save you some removal costs, but waiting is a dangerous game as a falling tree can seriously injure people and pets or cause massive, expensive damage to property that can take a long time to repair. Injuries due to a lack of tree maintenance are worrisome, as you are likely to become legally liable if a tree injures a neighbor or damages their property.

For example, if a homeowner has a tree with an overhanging branch that has been dead for years, but the homeowner has neglected to remove it despite complaints from neighbors, and that branch falls onto the neighbor’s property or injures them, the homeowner can be held liable.

These liabilities and legal disputes can cost people thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the damage, while the damage itself could have been prevented with proper tree care.

Insurance Guidelines for Tree Removal in Wilmington

Therefore, the best advice we offer Wilmington and surrounding Delaware residents is to have any suspicious-looking trees properly inspected by a certified arborist as soon as possible. Tree trimming and the removal of dangerous trees are considered by insurance policies to be a part of routine homeowner maintenance. In some cases, our team may be able to trim back or prune away parts of a diseased or overgrown tree to reduce the risk of harm to people or property. In cases where emergency tree removal in Wilmington, DE, is necessary, Stein Tree Service is available 24/7 and responds quickly.

Contact Stein Tree Service for Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE

Diseased and dying trees can have catastrophic impacts should they fall on your property. If you are unsure about the health and well-being of any tree on your property, contact us for an inspection by a certified arborist. Our team is skilled in various tree care services, from the mitigation of hazardous trees via bracing or pruning, to the complete removal of dead or dying plant life via tree removal and stump grinding. Our innovative TreeFall program could save you thousands in the event of a need for emergency tree removal.

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Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas

Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses.

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Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Emerald Ash Borer Inspection

In the spring, destructive ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge.  These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees.  Our specialists are certified to treat for EAB in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For A free consultation, contact us today.

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stump with mushroom - tree stump removal and stump grinding - Stein

Spring Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Aids Summer Safety

Tree stump removal and stump grinding are common requests in the spring and summer months. With several heavy snowstorms, this past winter, many Delaware and Pennsylvania residents experienced trees falling in their yards. Some had to be removed immediately due to impacts with structures or due to blocking road or walkways, but others may have remained where they fell or may have been cut up by residents for firewood. Those trees have likely left unattractive hazards behind, namely, unsightly stumps. Now that spring is upon us, many homeowners are thinking about spending more time in their yards, and tree stump removal may be an important factor.

Why Do I Need Stump Removal?

As mentioned, tree stumps are unattractive, but beyond that, they can cause other issues. Tree stump removal can help you avoid:

Pest Havens

Tree stumps are ideal places for insects and fungus. Some pests attracted to the rotting wood are termites, carpenter ants, beetles, and other wood-boring insects. These pests can cause problems if they branch out and target your home or other structures. Certain fungi that grow on tree stumps can be harmful to your plants, pets, and family.

Trip Hazards

Tree stumps, and especially tree roots, also pose tripping hazards. Stumps can hide behind clumps of overgrown grass or weedy areas. Children running around and playing may miss them and fall, which can lead to injuries. Individuals performing yard work may also miss the stumps and run into them with mowers or other equipment. Depending on the location of the stump, tripping incidents could also subject homeowners to liability cases. Stumps may also have roots that continue to grow underneath sidewalks or the foundation of your home. Roots can even lift a sidewalk, which can be dangerous for bikers or people just walking by.

Tree Removal and Tree Stump removal service Newark

Irate Neighbors

Tree stumps can cause problems for you and also your neighbors, unless you have a substantial property. Spring is when many homeowners list their homes for sale, and any reduction in curb appeal can impact them financially. The pests that may be harboring in your tree stump could also infest your neighbors’ trees or homes.

See Our Tree Removal Services

What Happens to the Stump?

A couple of options exist for disposing of tree stumps. Smaller tree stumps can be dug out, leaving relatively small holes in the landscape. Some tree service providers, including Stein, will remove the debris from the site for the homeowners’ convenience.

Larger trees may require heavy equipment for removal, or tree professionals may recommend stump grinding instead. Using a stump grinder, the professional arborists will grind the stump down to the roots so that no new growth takes place. In this case, the sawdust is often used to refill the hole so you can landscape over it.

Call Stein Tree Service for Timely and Professional Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Stein Tree Service has been providing excellent tree care for nearly 40 years. Our certified arborists and tree care specialists will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the best course of action so that other vegetation remains undisturbed. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding tree stump removal and stump grinding, trimming and pruning, pest infestation, and other tree care services.

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Featured Programs

Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas

Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses.

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Inspect for Emerald Ash Borer infestation - Stein Tree Service - 1000

Emerald Ash Borer Inspection

In the spring, destructive ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge.  These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees.  Our specialists are certified to treat for EAB in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For A free consultation, contact us today.

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tree removal - homes on a public street with trees and sidewalk -- stein tree service

Recycling Christmas Trees in Delaware

live decorated christmas tree outdoors - Stein Tree Service

Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has encouraged all residents to recycle their Christmas trees rather than throwing them away. Yard waste (branches, trees (including Christmas trees), grass) was banned for disposal from all Delaware landfills as of 2007, in an attempt to get more residents to recycle their yard waste. Residents recycling Christmas trees is one of the results.

Why You Should Recycle Christmas Trees

One reason for recycling Christmas trees is due to the above-mentioned yard waste ban in landfills, but recycling your yard waste comes with other benefits, as well. Yard waste takes up valuable and limited space in landfills, which can cause these landfills to be overcrowded and stress their effectiveness. Also, yard waste in landfills produces methane gas during decomposition, contributing to air pollution. These issues can be avoided by recycling yard waste instead, and you can benefit from recycling your Christmas tree.

See Our Tree Removal Services

The Benefits of Recycling Your Christmas Trees & Yard Waste

You and your landscape can continue to get the value of your old Christmas tree or yard waste after the holidays. For example, an old Christmas tree can be ground and used on your property to help the soil retain water. Another option is to compost your yard waste, turning the plant material into a non-chemical fertilizer to improve your tree and plants health. Recycling Christmas trees provides the benefit of preserving Delaware’s environment while also enhancing your own property’s health and value.

Other Uses for Recycled Yard Waste

In addition to improving your plant and tree health care, here are a few other uses for your recycled Christmas trees and yard waste.

  • Create firewood for your outdoor firepit or fireplace. Be sure not to transport your firewood to prevent the spread of emerald ash borer, spotted lanternfly, and other invasive species.
  • Use tree pieces in your landscape design, for example, as a plant bed border.
  • Removed trees can be shelters for birds and squirrels or fish feeders in your lake or pond.

How to Recycle Christmas Trees & Yard Waste

While recycling Christmas trees comes with many benefits and uses, some residents can find recycling big, heavy trees to be a hassle. If you are having trees removed, the professional tree care company can take away your yard waste after performing tree care services, or use the ground remains of your tree to re-fill the hole left by the tree. By hiring a tree care company to remove or grind your trees, you save time and hassle.

Contact Stein for Your Tree Care & Removal Services

We hope you find this information about recycling Christmas trees to be timely and helpful. If you need tree removal services or other tree care, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein’s team of certified arborists and tree care specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable and can take care of your tree removal needs. We have been providing various plant and tree care services to Delaware homeowners and businesses for decades. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and ready for immediate response. For more information on our tree care and removal services, contact us today.

Professional Tree Service Company - right of way clearing for utility line

Why Is Right of Way Clearing Important?

Many businesses depend on nearby infrastructure such as power lines or pipelines to keep their company and staff productive, because maintaining the integrity of this infrastructure is crucial, these businesses need right of way clearing. Right of way clearing is a service arborists provide that ensures the infrastructures businesses and residents rely on is accessible and safe from potential tree damage. Stein discusses 3 reasons that right of way clearing is a vital service.

Prevent Infrastructure Damage & Maintain Safety

right of way clearing project in snow - Stein Tree

One of the most important reasons for right of way clearing is to keep the surrounding people and infrastructure safe. Some examples of scenarios where a tree is interfering with property and making the area unsafe include:

  • Branches that are too close to power lines
  • Weak trees near the sides of roads
  • Uncontrolled roots near an underground pipeline

In all of these instances, a weakened tree can cause significant damage to either people or property, due to branches falling onto and cutting power lines or trees toppling over.

Another issue is that overgrown areas attract snakes, rodents, and larger animals such as deer. Near a roadway, these animals can be hazards to drivers. For businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic, animals can carry unwanted diseases or insects that can put clients, family members, or pets at risk. Taking preventive measures by clearing these areas of unwanted or unsafe trees and brush can significantly reduce the risk of injury or damage to people and property.

Take a Look at Our Other Commercial Tree Services

Improved Accessibility

Right of way clearing also helps keep infrastructure clear from obstacles that may interfere or obstruct travel. For example, hikers along a walking trail would have to carefully navigate a particular area where tree branches are low and close to eye-level. Another example would be trees blocking work crews and vehicles from getting to their pipelines or utilities. By clearing these critical areas of overgrown trees and branches, people can easily, safely, and quickly move to their destination, which is especially vital in commercial or industrial areas.

Practical & Aesthetic Visibility

Land clearing improves the aesthetics and visibility of a property. Customers find properties with a lot of vegetation appealing, but brush and trees that grow either in the wrong areas or appear poorly maintained can detract from the impression. Selectively clearing out weeds, brush, and trees creates more usable space for workers and makes the space more appealing and welcoming to potential customers.

Clearing out select plants and trees also makes patrolling, inspecting, and monitoring those areas or infrastructure components easier. Think of how difficult inspecting power lines would be with many branches and leaves obscuring the lines. Keeping these areas clear is necessary for workers to do their jobs properly, and by taking a proactive approach, you are keeping your business productive and reducing the likelihood of potential issues.

Contact Stein Tree for Right of Way Clearing

If you want to keep your commercial property healthy and safe for visitors and employees, contact Stein Tree Service. Our ISA certified arborists have hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge of up-to-date safety standards and regulations. Stein has provided businesses and municipalities with right of way and maintenance services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We work to ensure your trees are healthy, beautiful, and maintain your business’s safety. For more information on right of way clearing or our other services, contact us today.

tree removal - homes on a public street with trees and sidewalk -- stein tree service

Stein Discusses Ways to Recycle Removed Trees

As more homeowners are becoming concerned about the environment, many are looking to recycle removed trees. Homeowners invest a significant amount of money into their trees, but sometimes they must be removed. Below are some ways to recycle removed trees and continue benefitting from your trees.

What You Need To Know To Recycle Removed Trees

Photo of a tree stump | recycle removed trees | Stein Tree Service

When you want to recycle removed trees, you will need to know a few things first. You can recycle a tree as long as the tree is cut before rotting sets in, or the tree becomes infested with insects. An important note is that preparation of the wood for recycling may not be offered by tree care service, so you may have to opt to have the tree left on the property for your disposal. You can ask if the arborist can help cut a particular way if you already have plans for using the remains of the tree. However, such a request may cost more for the difficulty, or the arborist may reject cutting the tree as requested for safety reasons. Once you have decided to recycle your tree, think of some ideas of what you can do.

Recycle Trees into Mulch & Firewood

One of the most straightforward uses of recycling trees is by turning the tree into mulch or firewood. Mulch provides protection and moisture to trees and plants and reduces weeds. If you use firewood in your home, for a firepit, or elsewhere such as on local camping trips, you can easily add a surplus of wood by having your removed tree cut to create smaller logs. Remember, don’t move firewood from one area to another or you could spread emerald ash borer, spotted lanternfly or other invasive species to unaffected areas.

See Our Tree Removal Services

Use Recycled Trees in Landscape Design

If you are looking for more creative ways to recycle removed trees, incorporate them into your landscape design. For example, you can create fences or corner posts in your landscape with the remaining wood. Walkways made up of either logs or crosscut slices of the trunk are another excellent use for recycled trees. Live trees help prevent erosion and keep the soil in place, adding functionality to visual appeal. Removed trees can still provide ways to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape.

Give Recycled Trees to Wildlife or Disposal Centers

Two parties that can make good use of your removed trees are wildlife and your local tree disposal center. A removed tree can be converted into a shelter for birds, squirrels, or other animals. If you live near a lake or pond, you can contact local officials to have your tree be used as both a fish feeder and a way to protect fish from predators. Or, you can check with a local disposal or composting center. Plenty of other people, or animals, could make use of your recycled trees.

Contact Stein for Your Tree Care & Removal Services

If you have any trees that need tree care or removal, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein has a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable, and certified arborists to take care of your trees. Our state-of-the-art equipment is ready for immediate response. We have been in business for decades, providing numerous tree care services in Delaware and Philadelphia. For more information on how to recycle removed trees or our tree removal services, contact us today.

tree inspection can identify dangerous trees - tree cavity - stein tree service

4 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

Maintaining a landscape involves many tasks, and one that is important for several reasons is to remove a dead tree. Trees may die from many causes, including disease and injury. When they die, especially on homeowners’ properties, those trees can bring problems, including expenses if trees fall and cause harm.

Do You Really Have to Remove That Dead Tree?

Homeowners may choose to wait to act when a tree dies, but doing so could make things worse, especially if the tree is close to a dwelling. Below are three reasons why you should remove dead trees from your landscape.

Photo of tree damaged by storm | remove a dead tree | Stein Tree Service

1. Dead Trees Are Dangerous

A significant reason to remove a dead tree from your yard is that dead trees are dangerous in numerous ways. The rotted wood and reduced strength mean that the tree branches are more likely to fall during strong winds or storms. Even without wind or storms, dead branches are more likely to fall at any given time, risking injury and damage to anyone nearby. In addition to the branches, the entire tree could fall, which can cause immense damage to your house, car or even a person. Removing dead trees keeps everything and everyone on your property safe.

2. Dead Trees Attract Pests

Pests are often found in dead trees. Dead trees are prime targets for all types of pests, such as termites and other wood-boring insects. In addition, animals, such as rats, may attempt to use dead trees as shelter. When a dead tree is diseased or becomes infested, all other plants and structures nearby could be affected. Removing these risks can help keep your remaining plants and trees healthy.

Learn About Our Emergency Tree Services

3. Dead Trees Spread Disease

If a tree is diseased, the infection can spread while the tree is alive or after dying. Mold, fungus or disease can be spread to other healthy trees and cause them to lose vitality. Disease makes trees vulnerable to pests and less able to heal when injured. Having a professional tree service remove the tree and inspect the others is a good idea, because a professional can let you know if other trees have been impacted and need treatment.

4. Dead Trees Are Unattractive

A dead tree will make your landscape less attractive and reduce curb appeal. The dead or rotting wood of a dead tree can stick out in otherwise well-maintained and pleasant looking landscapes. Homeowners put time, work and money into ensuring that their landscapes are beautiful so they want their own homes, and neighboring homes to show that they are cared for. Some homeowner associations will even require that dead trees and plant life be removed to maintain the overall good impression to neighborhood visitors.

Contact Stein Tree for Tree Removal Services

If you need to remove a dead tree, call Stein Tree Service for professional tree removal service. Stein has been providing tree care services in Wilmington and Philadelphia area communities for decades. Our certified arborists and state-of-the-art equipment can provide services from emergency clean-up to plant health care. For more information about tree care or our services, contact us today.

large tree uprooted in a yard - winter prep such as tree trimming and pruning to prevent damage - Stein Tree Service

Prepare for Winter Tree Damage and Storm Clean Up in 2019

A few weeks ago in Lusby, Maryland, a tree crashed through the roof of a home while the family was watching TV. In August, a tree fell onto a home in Lake Hickory, NC. Fortunately, these incidents resulted in no physical injuries, but the damage to those homes caused considerable expense. Unfortunately, this type of occurrence is fairly common and can result in the need for immediate action and storm clean up. Stein discusses how residents can help reduce the chance for winter tree damage to their homes and property.

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tree removal - homes on a public street with trees and sidewalk -- stein tree service

Does a Homeowner Need Permission For Tree Removal in Delaware?

If you are thinking of doing some tree removal on your property in Delaware you should first know what the rules are. We have been servicing the surrounding area for over three decades, and have extensive experience in all types of yard and tree maintenance. Before you get started you need to know your rights as a homeowner, and what exactly you are allowed to do.

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Emergency Tree Removal Wilmington, DE tree bracing

Avoid Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE with Tree Cabling and Bracing

tree removal Wilmington DE Split Tree

Emergency Tree Removal in Wilmington, DE is often necessary after strong storms. Some trees are in greater danger than others for storm damage and residents can appreciate the importance of keeping them healthy and strong. When working with a certified arborist to improve the overall tree and plant health of your landscaping, you may hear discussions of cabling and bracing your trees.

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