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Why Is Right of Way Clearing Important?

Many businesses depend on nearby infrastructure, such as power lines or pipelines, to keep their company and staff productive because maintaining the integrity of this infrastructure is crucial; these businesses need right of way clearing. Right of way clearing maintenance is a service that arborists provide that ensures the infrastructures businesses and residents rely on are accessible and safe from potential tree damage. Stein discusses 3 reasons why right of way clearing is a vital service.

Prevent Infrastructure Damage & Maintain Safety

One of the most important reasons for right of way clearing is to keep the surrounding people and infrastructure safe. Some examples of scenarios where a tree is interfering with property and making the area unsafe include:

  • Branches that are too close to power lines
  • Weak trees near the sides of roads
  • Uncontrolled roots near an underground pipeline

In all these instances, a weakened tree can cause significant damage to people or property due to branches falling onto and cutting power lines or trees toppling over.

right of way clearing project - Stein Tree

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Types of Damage Right of Way Clearing Prevents

Some of the types of damage that trees too close to power lines can cause include the following:

Power outages. When a tree branch hits a power line, a short circuit can result and lead to a power outage. This can be a significant inconvenience for businesses and residents. A blackout can also be dangerous if people rely on electricity for life-support equipment.

Fires. A fire can start if a tree branch touches a power line and arcs. This is a serious hazard, as power lines carry high-voltage electricity that can cause fires to spread quickly.

Electric shock. Trees growing near power lines pose an electrical hazard to anyone in contact with the tree at ground level. Given the right conditions, even if the trees and power lines are not touching, electricity can arc from the power line to nearby trees. This situation is hazardous and can be fatal to anyone near the tree, such as the workers responsible for the maintenance of the power lines.

Property damage. If a tree falls on a power line, the debris can result in costly damage to property, such as homes, businesses, and vehicles.

In addition to these direct hazards, trees that interfere with power lines can also create indirect risks. For example, if a power outage occurs due to a tree, traffic signals or streetlights may stop working, leading to traffic accidents.

Keeping Animals Away from Infrastructure

Another issue is that overgrown vegetation areas attract snakes, rodents, and larger animals like deer. Near a roadway, these animals can be hazards to drivers. For businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic, animals can carry unwanted diseases or insects that can put clients, family members, or pets at risk. Taking preventive measures by clearing these areas of unwanted or unsafe vegetation can significantly reduce the risk of injury or damage to people and property.

Improved Accessibility

Right-of-way clearing helps protect infrastructure from obstacles that may interfere with or obstruct travel. For example, hikers along a walking trail must carefully navigate an area where tree branches are low and close to eye level. Another example would be trees blocking work crews and vehicles from getting to their pipelines or utilities. By clearing these critical areas of overgrown trees and branches, people can easily, safely, and quickly move to their destination, which is especially vital in commercial or industrial areas.

Aesthetic Visibility

Land clearing improves the aesthetics and visibility of a property. Customers find properties with a lot of vegetation appealing. Still, brush and trees that grow in the wrong areas or appear poorly maintained can detract from the impression. Selectively clearing out weeds, brush, and trees creates more usable space for workers, making the space more appealing and welcoming to potential customers.

Practical Visibility

Clearing out select plants and trees makes patrolling, inspecting, and monitoring those areas or infrastructure components easier. Think of how difficult inspecting power lines would be with many branches and leaves obscuring the lines. Keeping these areas clear is necessary for workers to do their jobs properly, and by taking a proactive approach, you are keeping your business productive and reducing the likelihood of potential issues.

right of way clearing project in snow - Stein Tree

Contact Stein Tree for Right of Way Clearing

If you want to keep your commercial property healthy and safe for visitors and employees, contact Stein Tree Service. Our ISA-certified arborists have hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge of up-to-date safety standards and regulations. Stein has provided businesses and municipalities with right of way and maintenance services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We work to ensure your trees are healthy and beautiful and maintain your business’s safety. Contact us today for more information on right of way clearing or our other services.

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Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Areas

Stein has a permit to work in spotted lanternfly quarantine areas in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Tree Service Companies have to be trained in proper moving and disposal of materials to avoid spread of the spotted lanternfly and Stein has completed the training courses.

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In the spring, destructive ash borer (EAB) adult beetles begin to emerge.  These invasive pests can destroy your ash trees.  Our specialists are certified to treat for EAP in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For A free consultation, contact us today.

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What Is Commercial Tree Risk Assessment and What Are the Benefits?

If you own a business and have trees on your commercial property, a commercial tree risk assessment is a good way to protect your investment. Trees provide beauty and value to businesses, but poor maintenance and health can lead to hazards and risks for both the company and anyone nearby. By having a certified arborist provide a risk assessment to determine your trees’ condition, you can make your property safer and more appealing to you, employees, and potential customers.

What Is Commercial Tree Risk Assessment?

Commercial tree risk assessment is when an arborist evaluates the condition and health of the trees on commercial properties. The review process is thorough because of the many hazards trees can pose to nearby people and property. Assessing a tree can involve three main stages:

  1. The arborist will ask questions and interview the tree owner for pieces of vital information, such as when the owner planted the tree, how long has the tree resembled the current state, and if any construction has occurred near the tree.
  2. Next, the arborist will examine the current state of the tree, checking for any signs of disease, damage, or interference with nearby property (such as power lines).
  3. Finally, the arborist will compile all of the information into a report for the tree owner. The report will detail the findings, evaluations on the tree’s current state, and recommended solutions for any issues.

The Benefits of a Commercial Tree Risk Assessment

Infographic | Benefits of Commercial Tree Risk Assessment | Stein Tree Service

Business owners benefit greatly from tree risk assessments. Risk assessments and follow-up with any recommended services can reduce your chance of having any problems, and from being financially liable for potential costs from property and personal damage. You can also increase your business’s value and your customers’ perception through tree maintenance.

1. Reduced Liability for Personal Injury

You are responsible for maintaining your business’s property so that employees, customers, and passersby are safe. For example, suppose your trees are in poor condition, and the branches are at risk of falling. In that case, you have a greater chance of liability if those branches injure someone below (especially if your property gets a lot of foot traffic.) What is the best way of knowing if your tree branches are at risk of falling? By scheduling a commercial tree risk assessment. With a proper tree risk assessment, you can significantly reduce the potential risk of someone getting hurt and your chances of being financially liable in the unfortunate event that someone is injured.

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2. Prevent Property & Personal Damage

Emergency Tree Removal Service Wilmington DE- Storm Aid

The damage that hazardous trees can cause to the surrounding property and passerby is costly. Broken gutters, smashed roof or windows, wrecked cars, and snapped power lines are just a few of the many risks and damages that can cost you. Bodily injury is another unfortunate outcome that poorly maintained trees can cause. The most effective solution is to have regular tree risk assessments from certified arborists so that all of these potential damages and costs can be prevented.

3. Aesthetics, Value, & Appeal To Customers

Another outcome of tree risk assessments is that your trees can maintain their natural beauty and aesthetics. A thriving, healthy tree noticeably improves your property appeal, while unhealthy or damaged ones can decrease your property value. One of the most critical tasks when trying to attract new customers is making a great first impression, and a well-maintained landscape does just that. The first thing your customers may see is your landscape and entranceway, and people are more willing to spend their time and money on businesses with trees nearby.

Contact Stein Tree for Commercial Tree Risk Assessment

If you want to keep your commercial property safe and valuable, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein has provided residential and commercial tree care services to business owners in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland for decades. Our certified arborists have hundreds of years of combined experience and knowledge to care for commercial properties. We work to ensure your trees are healthy, safe, and beautiful. For more information on our services or to get a commercial tree risk assessment, contact us today.

What Does A Tree Care Company Do?

Homeowners want to ensure that their trees are healthy and beautiful and often call a tree care company for help. These companies help care for the tree to maintain its health and aesthetic value to the homeowner. But some may wonder what exactly does “tree care” mean, and what a company specializing in tree care does. Tree care is the collection of various arboricultural methods that aims to improve or maintain the physical appearance and health of trees. A tree care business is a company that offers those tree care methods as services. Below are some examples of the many services tree care businesses provide.

Plant & Tree Care Services by a Tree Care Company

The services a tree care company offers encompass different methods to keep trees healthy. Routine trimming and pruning dead or weak branches to increase a tree’s aesthetic appeal and overall health is one example. Another service is cabling and bracing, where arborists insert special rods and cables to increase support for vulnerable branches. Tree removal may be necessary for various reasons, such as tree death or to remove the risk of a tree falling on structures, power lines or people. Other services, such as fertilization and soil management, are additional ways of enhancing the health of trees and the entire landscape.

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Other services are more specialized, focusing on resolving specific issues related to a tree or property. Lightning protection is one of these specialized services, which involves installing a lightning protection system to reduce the risk of a lightning strike. Emergency tree removal may be necessary after storms, when a tree may be blocking a road or may have fallen onto someone’s house or car. Pest management may be necessary when a tree has become infested with an invasive pest, such as emerald ash borer or spotted lanternfly.

Services for Homeowners, Businesses or Municipal Customers

Another significant component of tree care company services is to provide unique services based on each customer’s needs.

  • Residential tree services can include routine trimming and fertilization, but can also include services such as construction management for those looking to add onto, or even build, their homes.
  • Commercial tree services can revolve around ensuring a business’ landscape makes an excellent first impression and is safe for customers, so landscape management and planning are often necessary.
  • Municipal tree services are focused on schools, parks, municipal buildings, and more. Some of these services include lot and right of way clearing, or ordinance review and development.

Each tree and property is different, and part of proper tree care is understanding each customer’s needs and goals and developing a comprehensive plan of plant and tree care services to meet those goals.

Contact Stein for Professional Tree Care Services

If you are looking for a tree care company to keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful, contact Stein Tree Service. Stein is a fully licensed, professional tree care company, and has served thousands of customers in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Our staff of highly experienced, certified arborists and tree care specialists will work with you to develop a plan to keep your landscape in top shape. We also have state-of-the-art tools and are equipped to handle emergency dispatch. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Stein Discusses How Trees Benefit Businesses

We have previously talked about the benefits of trees and the importance of tree care, and most people understand that trees provide long-lasting positive impacts on themselves and their communities. Trees give us beauty and allow us to appreciate nature even in an urban environment. And of course, everybody knows the environmental benefits. But the impact of trees goes beyond personal, social, and even environmental benefits. Stein Tree discusses how trees benefit businesses and why tree care is a good investment.

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Stein Urges Home and Business Owners To Avoid Tree Construction Damage

Planning on construction or exterior home renovation this year? Spring and early summer are prime times that residents and businesses plan major construction projects. Whether large or small, these types of projects can cause trauma to the surrounding landscape. If your property has trees that you hope to save, consult with a certified arborist for guidance on avoiding construction damage. Stein offers some basic information below.

3 Ways Construction Damages Surrounding Trees

Trees adapt as they grow to the type of climate and atmosphere that surround them. When something dramatically different occurs, they are vulnerable to trauma, which can result in weakness or even tree death.

Contact Injury

The most obvious cause of injury is what you can see: when equipment comes into contact with the tree. Cuts in the trunk, major broken branches, or even cutting of the roots can occur during construction. Wounds in the tree can lead to bacterial or fungal growth, insect infestation, or a failure in the tree’s system of distributing nutrients. An arborist will help you determine the best methods of protecting trees, and may advise that some trees will most likely be unable to be preserved. Marking the trees that are most valuable and enforcing a safe perimeter may be enough to prevent this type of damage.

Soil Compaction

backhoe-during clearing for construction - Stein Tree Service

Soil compaction is one type of trauma that many fail to consider, but that is often deadly. Trees need a certain level of porosity in the soil in order for roots to receive the proper water, air and nutrients for health. When the level is changed dramatically, such as when heavy equipment is used to clear land or carry building supplies, or even an inordinate amount of foot traffic, the tree can suffer. Another way that soil can be compacted is by adding too much soil on top of the existing soil. We normally plant trees with the proper amount of root buried, and if that level is changed too much, the tree roots can be starved of air or nutrients.

Environmental Change

As we mentioned, trees become used to their surroundings, and dependent in some ways on them. For example, if you have a forested area, the included trees depend on each other for protection from the wind and other elements. Trees may grow tall and with a slimmer canopy because they have the support of other trees that are planted in close proximity. Without the protection of those trees, singular trees that have been chosen for preservation may be unable to survive later when storms come. Your certified arborist will be able to advise you of this possibility so that you can make the best plan for the success of your project and your landscape.

Follow Up Tree Care

Once construction has been completed, home or business owners often assume the risk has passed if their trees still look healthy, but trauma received during construction can show up months or even a year later. Have your arborist inspect trees after construction to look for issues that can cause trouble later. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, a tree can survive if 20% or less of the roots have been damaged. If 40% has been lost, the tree will most likely fail to survive. In such a case, the tree should be removed to prevent the danger of falling later on the structure or passersby.

Your arborist can look for other issues as well, and some may be treatable. Broken branches can be carefully pruned to promote quicker healing. In addition, he/she can recommend the best practices for tree care, as optimal watering and fertilizing needs may differ after construction.

Stein Tree Service Offers Experienced Tree Care Services in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Whether you need construction site tree management to mitigate construction damage, or you need services such as tree trimming and pruning or tree removal, Stein has the experience and equipment to handle the job. We offer free consultations, so contact us today for more information.

Benefits of Commercial and Municipal Tree Trimming and Pruning

Although trees are beautiful, provide shade, oxygen and homes for wildlife, they can pose problems without proper maintenance. This is true on residential properties as well as commercial or municipal properties. Proper tree trimming and pruning is essential for several reasons.

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Make a Positive First Impression with Commercial Tree Services

Timely, routine, and professional commercial tree service is imperative for two primary reasons: Aesthetics and Liability. The landscape in front and around your business door is the first thing many of your clients will notice when they step foot onto your property. Ensure those potential customers get a powerful first impression with manicured lawns and well-trimmed shrubs and trees. In addition, such well-trimmed and well-cared for beauty offers the second benefit of safety, as the removal of diseased, dead, or dying trees and branches eliminates the risk of branches or full trees falling down on pedestrians, vehicles, or even the building itself.

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